Thursday, September 6, 2012

From the Library of C.S. Lewis

Selections frrm Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey, compiled by James Stuart Bell with Anthony P. Dawson.

"To truly know Lewis, one must become familiar with the body of literature that marked his life.  Jim Bell and Tony Dawson give curious students of Lewis a glimpse of the books and authors that informed his life's work and kindled his imagination." - Jerry Root, coeditor of The Qutable C. S. Lewis and a C. S. Lewis scholar

About the Author
James Stuart Bell wrote his master’s thesis on C. S. Lewis, receiving his M. A. from University College Dublin, in Ireland. The owner of Whitestone Communications, the former executive editor of Moody Press, and director of religious publishing for Doubleday, Bell has authored several books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Bible.

About the Book

C. S. Lewis was one of the most influential thinkers and writers of the twentieth century. But who influenced C. S. Lewis? What were the sources of his inspiration? Who were his spiritual mentors?
Drawn from Lewis’s personal library, annotations, and references from his writings, this book includes more than 200 selections from literary giants such as Dante, Augustine, and Chaucer, as well as more contemporary writers such as G. K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers, George MacDonald, and J.R.R. Tolkien, providing a vast array of inspiration from those who have shone forth as messengers of light in Lewis’s own thinking, writing, and spiritual growth.
In this treasury, you will…
· Glean wisdom on living a devout life from Andrew Murray and Brother Lawrence
· Tap into fantasy and imagination with William Wordsworth and Geoffrey Chaucer
· Ponder creation and poetry alongside Sir Walter Scott and Aristotle

My Thoughts

I like what Walter Hooper, Literary Advisor to the C. S. Lewis Estate, one of the world’s leading authorities on the life and works of C. S. Lewis, and the editor of dozens of Lewis’s works wrote about this book,  This is the perfect entrance to the world C. S. Lewis inhabited, and it arrives just when that world of books is under threat of extinction. Thanks to those who have given us such a gold mine.” 
That kind of expression made me want to read this book right now!
I found the writings of the many masters who influenced C.S. Lewis not as difficult as I first suspected. Growing up without the opportunity to read many of the 'old books' made me excited to review this valuable summary of so many pieces of literature. Each excerpt provides knowledge and inspiration. After reading even a short portion of the book quickly reveals why C.S. Lewis is one of the masters of literature.
I would recommend this book for students or someone wanting to discover short snippets of writings from long ago.

Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for sending me a free copy of this book to review